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Subject: Family Debt - Part 20Messages and mails always welcome and always answered.
A reminder that this is pure fantasy.HomeSamantha brought over the laptop and the attached cam.
She passed the cam to Kay and then settled herself on the
floor beside her sister. She looked at Claire's face,
with Kay's spittle still there wet on her cheek. Dawn had
put a leg over each arm of 100 sites lolita bbs her chair now, and her spread
cunt was only inches from her cyber lolita xxx toplist mother's face."Has John ever fucked you up the arse, Claire?" she
asked.Her sister shook her head.Samantha smiled. "Bet he wanted to, though," she said.
"Bet he wanted to feel his cock deep in your arsehole,
but little Miss Perfect wouldn't let a thing like that
happen, would she? Well, now he gets the privilege of
watching some other bloke fuck his prissy little wife's
virgin arse." She glanced down at the computer screen.
"Along with some five hundred other people.""Spread your cheeks, bitch," Kay ordered.Claire reached back and took hold of her arse cheeks,
pulling them apart. Samantha moved the laptop so that
Claire could see the screen as it filled with a close-up
of her puckered arsehole. And as the comments from
viewers totally free loli paysites scrolled across the bottom. Claire stared at it,
unable to tear her eyes away, her face reddening.
Samantha grabbed a hold of one hanging breast, and felt
the hardness of the nipple."This is turning you on, you horny little slut," she
accused with a laugh.Her sister glanced at her, saying nothing, but
immediately her eyes returned to the screen where Kay was
now showing a close-up view of her cunt. Kay's fingers
appeared in shot to separate the lips and show the soft
glistening pinkness inside. Samantha felt Claire's hard
nipple still pressing into the palm of her hand. She
squeezed her sister's small tit, hard, making her yelp.
She grabbed hold of her hair, and pulled it so that she
was looking forward again."Don't you think Dawn has a pretty little cunt, Claire?"
she asked sweetly.Claire managed to nod, despite the grip on her hair."Then say it, bitch," she snapped at her. "Tell me that
your daughter has a pretty little cunt."Claire licked her lips. "Dawn has a pretty little cunt,"
she repeated, stumbling over the last word."That word really bothers you, doesn't it? Strange,
seeing as the world and his wife are right now looking at
your own dirty fuck-hole of a cunt. And the thought of
that is making you so wet. What are they looking at,
slut?"Claire still stared straight ahead, but Samantha saw a
subtle change come over her face. "My dirty fuck-hole of
a cunt..Madam Sam," she said evenly.Samantha leaned forward and kissed her sister on the
cheek. "Yes, they are. You're a good little slut," she
said. "I'm really proud of you." She looked over Claire's
back at Kay. "Time the slut had her arse fucked, I
reckon," she said.She used her grip on Claire's hair to move her face
closer to Dawn, so that her nose was almost touching the
soft skin of her lower groin."Does your daughter's cunt smell good, slut?" she asked."Her cunt smells very good, Madam Sam," Claire answered
softly."Bet it tastes good too."She thrust Claire's face forward just as the tip of
Rodney's cock touched her arsehole.WorkCynthia watched John lick cyber lolita xxx toplist up the last of his cum from young teen loli pix the
desk, his eyes barely leaving the computer screen showing
the scene in his front room. She was enjoying herself
more than she could ever have dreamed she could. The
power and the freedom to do anything she wanted with this
man. A little payback for all the men who had treated her
badly through the years. And she had to admit that it had
been a very long time since she'd held a hard cock in her
hand.And the bugger was only hard again now. Having licked up
all of his cum, he was back to watching the screen. She
stood beside him, and grasped his cock again. On the
screen the stranger was now fucking her new toy's wife up
the arse, giving it his all, as she buried her face in
the groin of a young girl sprawled on an armchair."Who's the girl in the chair?" she asked."My daughter," he answered. "Dawn."She felt his cock throb as he said it. And she remembered
what Tom had said on the phone about the son in the park
lavatories. "My, my," she said. "A whole family of dirty
little sluts. Hubby and I will have to have you all round
for dinner some time. Could be an interesting evening."She let go of his cock reluctantly. "But it's time you
were out of here," she said. "And down that park."Dawn's View.Mum was getting her arse buggered by some bloke who had
just come to the door to get his stupid petition signed,
and I had a front row seat for the performance. And if
that weren't enough, Aunt Sam had got Mum to say how good
my cunt looked and smelled before shoving lolita pre hair pussey her face in it.
And making her use the words. My mother, who always
looked like she had a nasty smell under her nose if I so
much as said bloody, talking about cunts and arseholes.
Absolutely precious."Is his cock bigger than Dad's, Mum?" I asked her, not
expecting an answer amongst all the muffled grunts she
was letting out as he rammed his cock into her. "Course,
you wouldn't be able to tell, would you? You've never let
Dad fuck your arse."The suddenly I felt her tongue, running around the lips
of my cunt and then flicking across my clit. I looked
down at the top of her head in amazement. So far she had
done everything Aunt Samantha and the other woman had
told her to do, but nobody had told her to lick me out.
There could only be one explanation. She wanted to.I reached down and took hold of the back of her head,
pushing her face tighter against me and feeling her
tongue going deeper."Mum is licking my cunt, Aunt Samantha," I said loudly.
"Should she be doing that when you haven't told her to?"That was too much for poor petition man. His face screwed
up and he let out a moan as his cock buried in Mum's arse
spurted. Aunt Samantha gave me an amused look, and a
little nod of approval."Shows the dirty little slut is learning how to please
without being told," she said, then laughed "Either that
or she just likes the taste of her daughter's sweet young
cunt."ParkThe lavatory seemed deserted, but John noticed one
cubicle door closed. He stood outside it and called
quietly."Steve?"He heard the bolt pulled back, and then the door opened.
He looked in to see Steve sitting there, naked except for
a pair of grubby panties that John recognised instantly
as Dawn's. He stepped into the cubicle and pushed the
door shut behind him, leaning his back against it.
Steve's outer clothing was crumpled up on the floor."Want to tell me about it?" he asked.It was more than wanting, John realised as Steve started,
it was eagerness. He spared not a single detail as he
began to recount what had happened. And all the time John
watched his face, with glances down to note Steve's
growing erection pushing at the front of the panties."Do you want me to take you home?" he asked when the boy
had finished.Steve shook his head, not surprising his father in the
least. He knew that excitement, knew that need. He paused
a moment, remembering last night and how Steve had fucked
his face at Tom's instigation. He smiled. It was his turn
now, he figured. He reached down and slid down his zip.
Pulled out his already growing cock. He stepped forward."Lick it," he said. "Lick it, bitch."
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